BMW 3 Series 97-05

There are two programming procedures, if one doesn't  work, try the other.
Option 1

1. Close all doors.

2. Put key in ignition.

3. Turn ignition to ON and then OFF position.

4. Remove key from ignition.

5. Within 10 seconds, press the unlock button and don’t let go, while pressing the unlock button, press the lock button 3 times and let both buttons go simultaneously.

6. Locks should lock and unlock indicating successful programming.

Option 2

***Steps 2 - 5 must be done within 45 seconds. Step 5 must be done within 10 seconds***

1. Make sure all doors, hood and trunk are closed.
2. Open trunk.
3. Open the drivers door and sit in the drivers seat.
4. Close the drivers door.
5. Without starting the car, turn ignition switch to on and then off 5 times ending in the off position.
    Alarm light should turn on and the alarm's siren will chirp.
6. Open and close drivers door.
7. Press any button on the remote. Lights should flash to indicate the remote has been programmed.
8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 to program additional remotes (4 remotes max).
9. Exit programming mode by opening drivers door, leave the door open and close trunk lid, then close the drivers door, siren should sound and the red light would shut off. Test remotes.