Dodge Caliber 2007-12

Year: 2007-12 FCC# OHT692427AA

  • This procedure will only work on vehicles built in the US.
  • Must have two working programmed Remote/keys before you can add a third remote/key.

1. Using first programmed key, turn ignition to the on position
for 5 seconds. (Do not crank engine). Turn remote/key off and remove.

2. Within 5 seconds insert second working programmed key.
Turn ignition to the on position (Do not crank engine) security light
will begin to flash and chime will be heard within 10 seconds. Turn
key off and remove. NOTE: Some vehicles will not chime,
only the security light will flash.

3. Within 5 seconds insert the new key and turn ignition to
the on position (Do not crank engine). The security light should start
flashing and within 10 seconds you should hear a chime and the
security light should go out. Once the security light goes out, the new
key should be programmed. Turn key to the off
position and remove key.

Test key and remote.