Mazda 626 1998-02

Mazda 626 1998-2002 onboard key programming procedure

This procedure is for programming new keys to the car when all keys are missing or there is only one working key present.

  • Improtent: Must use factory key with the right FCC ID.
  • Must have the key cut properly so it can turn the ignition switch before starting
  • Dealer key# for Mazda 626 1998-99 GE4T-76-2GX
  • Mazda 626 2000-02 BJYV-76-2GX


  1. Read the serial number off of the imobilizer box located behind or on the sides of the steering column. The serial number then needs to be converted to a 8 digit number this can be done by the Mazda Dealer or using a diagnostic tool such as a MVP or Tcode (Most automotive locksmiths have one or the other.)
  2. Insert key into ignition and turn ignition to ON prosition and then back to OFF/LOCK position 5 times. Don’t wait more than one second between the ON OFF cycles and do not turn the key to fast otherwise key may not register.
  3. Turn key to ON position and watch the flashing security light on the dashboard. Light should flash rapidly.
  4. Within 20 seconds turn key back to the OFF/LOCK position and keep off for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the security light should start flashing much slower
  5. Now that the security light is flashing slowly (about 1.2 second between flashes) you will need to start entering the Password/Pincode within 20 seconds
  6. Lets say your Pincode# is 33445566 the first digit is a 3. Watch the security light closely, while the light is off and turn ignition to the ON position once and watch that the light flashes 3 times, turn ignition back to the OFF/LOCK position and let the seci