Nissan Altima 2001-2007

Nissan Altima 2001-07 remote programming procedure


OE #: 28268-ZB700

Programming Instructions:

2001-2007 Nissan Altima

1. Close and lock all doors with the driver’s side power lock switch

2. Insert and remove key from ignition key cylinder 6 times
within 10 seconds, hazard lamps will flash if you have performed this step

3. Insert key into ignition lock and turn to the ACC position.

4. Within 5 seconds, press (ONLY ONCE) ANY button on the remote, hazard lamps
should flash.

5. If there are any remaining remotes (including old ones), Unlock then Lock all doors
using switch on drivers door panel and within 5 seconds press ANY button on the next
remote. Your hazard lamps should flash.

6. Remove key from the ignition, open drivers door to finalize the programming procedure and test your remotes.