Subaru Impreza 2006

Subaru Impreza Remote Programming

Subaru Impreza Year: 2004-07 FCC ID NHVWB1U711

  1. Sit in the drivers seat and make sure all doors and trunk are closed.
  2. Open and close driver door once
  3. Put the key into ignition, turn the key to ON and back to  LOCK 10 times in 15 seconds, leaving the key in LOCK position don’t remove key.
  4. Horn should sound indicating that car is in programing mode.
  5. Open and close the driver door.
  6. Press and release any button on the remote (if you have more than one remote press any button on the next one and so on, up to four remotes, horn should sound indicating sucessful programming.
  7. Remove the key from ignition, horn should sound indicating that programming procedure has completed.